Useful Ideas, Heath & Safety

Food and drink

All food and drink purchased at our events is provided by our refreshments host. They hold an up to date food hygiene certificate and have been carefully selected so that we can offer you the best service possible.


Your safety is very import to us, which is why our coordinators do checks of the location and during the event. If you have hired a table please make sure your items are displayed and you are ready for opening. Items must be displayed in a safe manner and not blocking the path way or any fire exits. Please do not pack up until the event has finished.

Prams and Pushchairs

All buggy's and strollers sold in the UK must comply with British Standard BS 7409. This applies to the sale of new and second hand buggy's / strollers.

Car Seats

The NHS recommend you 'do not buy a second-hand car seat as it may have been damaged in an accident'


Due to the link with cot deaths and reused mattresses it is advisable that a new mattress is used for new children.


In the case of second hand toys look for the CE mark. All toys approved by the British Toy and Hobby Association will also carry the Lion Mark. Also check that is suitable for the age of the child that you are purchasing it for.

Electrical items

For health & safety reasons the law states that all second hand electrical items must be tested properly by a competent person before being sold and must include the manufacturer's instruction manual.

Clothes Rails

If you have booked a preloved table then you are provided with space to your left (when seated behind your table) to use for larger items or to bring a clothes rail. If you don't have a clothes rail then you could use a clothes horse.